Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau Application

IFDA Members interested in joining the Speakers Bureau should complete the Speakers Bureau Application and return the Application to IFDA Headquarters. The IFDA Speakers Bureau Committee will review Applications, check references and determine if a member is accepted into this prestigious program.

The following speakers represent IFDA as resident experts in their chosen field related to the furnishings and design industry. You can narrow the list by entering the name, topic and keyword selections below.

Speaker Topic Keywords
Renee Rucci Printing Design Techniques design, printing process, printing techniques
Renee Rucci The Story of Pattern Design of Historic Textiles design, history, textiles
Renee Rucci Window Dressing Then and Now historic preservation, history of window treatment design, window covering designs for period home
Renee Rucci Wine and Design-Building Workroom and Designer Relationships to Market to Clients designer relationships, marketing to clients
Julie Schuster FENG SHUI AND INTERIOR DESIGN Feng Shui, interior design, Staging Home for Sale
Jody Seivert For Designers Only/Creating Conversations of Expectation client relationships, communications, interior design
Jody Seivert Pricing Design interior design, pricing
Jody Seivert Probing and Prioritizing/Pricing and Profitability business, client relationships, sales
Jody Seivert Profitable Partnerships interior design, sales
Susan J. Slotkis Connect the Dots…Design in Context CEU, culture, design styles, history, interior design
Susan J. Slotkis Connect the Dots: Antiquities through Neoclassic architecture, culture, interior design
Susan J. Slotkis Connect the Dots: Empire through Today architecture, culture, interior design
Susan J. Slotkis The Psychology of Color behavior, CEU, color, emotion, interior design, perception of color
Susan J. Slotkis Accessories: Style & Substance accessories, interior design
Susan J. Slotkis The Business of Interior Design business, business development, interior design, skills for designers
Susan J. Slotkis Color Trends and New Directions color, color trends, interior design
Susan J. Slotkis Design Concepts, interior design interior design
Susan J. Slotkis Historical Styles Inspiring New Kitchen & Baths design trends, interior design, kitchen & bath
Susan J. Slotkis Sourcing alternative markets, interior design, retail resources, sourcing, trade resources
Susan J. Slotkis Wabi Sabi Spirit and Style culture, interior design, japanese influences