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Julie Schuster
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Julie Schuster Design Studio is a Holistic Interior Design company, focused on the process of creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces. Julie's specialty is uniting both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Her holistic style does this collaboratively with each and every client by taking the time to “coax” out the desires and vision that each of us has for the spaces we all want to live in. The result is “invigorating interior spaces for people to live and function in. How an environment feels is just as important how it looks.


In this course, we will explore the relationship between Interior Design and Feng Shui, apply the Five Elements Theory and identify the design elements that relate to each of them; instructing participants in where and when to use them.Participants will be able to identify the Five Elements in an existing space, evaluate which area of the Bagua they relate to and select which other elements either nourish or diminish them.

We will discuss the concept of Yin/Yang and balance, allowing participants to identify these elements in Interior Design and utilize these hidden elements in existing or future projects.

Participants will be able to lay the Feng Shui Bagua on a floorplan, identify the nine guas and determine areas of needed support.

IDCEC Approved through 3/31/17; CEU Value 0.1

CEU-104029 Health, Safety, Welfare

AIA Feng Shui and Interior Design

LB_FS004 Health, Safety, Welfare

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