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Stacy Garcia
New York Chapter
(845) 426-0756

Stacy Garcia is the founder and principal of two companies, LebaTex Inc., an innovative textile supplier and Stacy Garcia Inc. a design house out of New York. She is also the creator of the Stacy Garcia Lifestyle brand.

Marketing and Branding, et al.

Speaker Stacy Garcia is available for speaking engagements in the following areas of expertise:


1) Marketing & Branding

2) Inspiration & Motivation

3) Future Trends: Design & Color

4) Art of Forecasting

5) Creative Thinking

6) Business Innovation

7) Sales Motivation & Training

8) Universities

LCD Projector and Screen
Handheld Microphone
Lavaliere Microphone
Standing Microphone

Speaker Fees:

Fees paid to a member of the IFDA Speakers Bureau will be mutually determined between the program participant and the organization hiring the speaker.

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