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Drama-Free Projects for Ease and Prosperity

Drama-Free Projects for Ease and Prosperity

We love design!

And the process is so complex, with many points of possible breakdown along the way—new team; new challenges with every project; thousands of details; sub-par communication; delays; who is in charge anyway?; clients!; even the weather.

When things do break down, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of stress, blame, drama and negativity. In fact, your brain is wired to do just that!

You have the power to create your own stress and you have the power to create your own ease. This interactive webinar will focus on how to harness your innate powers of empathy, curiosity, creativity and laser-focused action to build a drama-free business so you can do more of what you love, and do it with ease. Imagine if you could just roll with it, doing projects without any wasted energy. What would that do for you?

Good news!

it’s all in your head and that means you can change it! You will learn how becoming mentally fit rewires your brain to quiet the voices that foster negativity, drama and stress, and to shift to the calm, clear, creative Sage at your core.

The Session Will Cover:

  • The science of how and why you go negative
  • The three core muscles at the root of Mental Fitness
  • The Sage Perspective and how it changes everything
  • Simple exercises to rewire your brain for positivity and calm
  • An interactive exercise to start understanding your recurrent patterns

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