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IFDA Japan visits IFDA USA in NYC- SAVE THE DATES May 20-23

Saturday May 20 - Tuesday May 23



Presenting the IFDA Japan Fair




We hope many of our IFDA colleagues from across the country and world will make plans to join the celebration here in NYC during the wonderful NYCxDesign Festival and the ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair at Javits Convention Center and also get a chance to meet up with our Japan members.  Talk it over with your chapter friends, make it a group field trip or come on your own. If you think you might be interested in visiting during this time, please let Maureen Klein know at getklein@optonline.net so some of our IFDANY IFDA JAPAN Fair committee can help answer your questions.


UPDATED January 19, 2023.

Information below subject to change. Watch for updates.

Members of the IFDA Japan Chapter will be presenting a series of workshops and seminars at various locations around  NYC.

1  Chinoiserie

The Risabraire Design Firm will give a seminar about the history of chinoiserie and the Japanese influence on chinoiserie. See :https://www.ocashidesigns.com.


2A /2B   Biophilia Seminar and Flower Arrangement Workshop and/or 2B:  Calligraphy Workshop

Shinobu Kishimoto, Plant Artist, will give a seminar about biophilia and plant therapy and workshop of flower arrangement/ or also she is well versed in teaching calligraphy and may do a small group class using Japanese inks and brushes.


3   Tea Workshop and Seminar 

Sumiko Tanaka, aka Smitty, Tea Specialist, will give a seminar about the history and spirituality of Japanese and English tea. She will have some or her  brand of Japanese tea for purchase.


4    Kominka Housing

Akiko Kawakara presented an IFDA zoom seminar in May, 2021, about Kominka, the exploration of how the traditional Japanese homes, Kominka, have evolved over time and the new interest in their preservation. While here she will also present a seminar about the renovation of Kominka house which is comfortable and suited to a modern dwelling,  a Japanese architectural renovation. 


5    Traditional Ceramic Making

Gojin Nomura, a ceramic artist will present a seminar about his way of creating original Tachikui ceramics which originated in the Hyogo prefecture, and is a long-treasured  way of creating ceramics.


6   Closing Party

This event will feature a Japanese menu and optional Kimono dress, Tuesday, May 23 at Fisher & Paykel, A&D building.  Their Chef Anthony Marzuillo will be making traditional Japanese samplings along with members of the Japan Chapter who will be bringing some special ingredients with them from Japan.


Guests from Japan:

Attendees coming to present/participate in IFDA Japan Fair Event. 

To date:

1.  Yasue Ishikawa, Risabraire

2.  Risa Ishikawa, Risabraire

3.  Akiko Yamazak, Risabraire 

4.  Masahiro Uba, Risabraire

5.  Ayako Yoshimura, Risabraire

6   Koharu Yamasaki, Risabraire

7.  Shinobu Kishimoto, Plant Artist and Calligrapher

8.   Sumiko Tanaka, Tea Specialist

9.   Akiko Kawakara, Kominka Specialist

10. Gojin Nomura, Ceramic Artist


For more information about the IFDA Japan Fair, please contact Maureen Klein, getklein@optonline.net or Yasue Ishikawa, ishikawa@risabraire.com




Saturday May 20
Tuesday May 23
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