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IFDA PRESENTS: The Summer Sound Series: The Keys to Pianos

The Keys to a Piano in the Home

  • Typees of pianos, what would be best for your space?
  • Optimal piano placement in a space: Let’s hear the sound!
  • Options for purchasers (more than you might think)
  • Piano Care. Ok you have to do a little more than dust it.
  • Player Systems: In case you really don’t play at all
  • Piano Removal: What to do with a piano no one wants?
  • Piano Vocabulary (Pet peeve #1 – There is no such thing as a 9′ baby grand!)

Calvin Kerr has been in the music field for 40 years, with 25 of them in the piano business. Starting out as a manager of a symphony and a society dance he moved over to Steinway & Sons, where he was manager of the Institutional Sales Department for the southern New York State and southwest Connecticut areas. He has additional experience in the retail side of piano sales, including working with interior designers.

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